Screens April 7th at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle during the 8:00 -10:00 p.m. session. Preceded by short by Jacquie Taliferro

90 minutes of the fever

The McGees are typical nuclear family: a son who can’t keep a job to save his life. A daughter who is a freshman in college and has just found out she’s pregnant. A wife who has been taken for granted too long and is dissatisfied with everything that is going on in her life; and the dad who is oblivious to it all. But like clockwork, this Sunday just like every Sunday for the past ten years, the family is gathered around the dinner table for BBQ and to watch the lotto numbers being drawn for Jackpot Sunday.

This Sunday is set out to be the biggest payout in US history: $1 Billion. As the numbers are about to be drawn the telecast is interrupted by an emergency broadcast announcing that martial law has been enacted nationwide. A mysterious computer virus has taken over the phones, the TV, and the Internet, replacing every signal with a ticking countdown that started at 90 minutes.

Panic sets in as the family tries to figure out why martial law has been enacted. Is it a rogue hacker group that has taken over all forms of communication? Is it the supernatural phenomenon that has appeared in the sky? Or is it something sent by God? No one knows, but for the moment they’re safe, as long as they stay inside.

No one has any answers until a stranger appears on their doorstep who brings news, and chaos, into the heart of the family – news more devastating than anything that’s happening on the outside.

The McGee’s safe haven turns a pressure cooker culminating in the devastating truth that’s revealed as the clock ticks down to zero.


Michael Sean Hall – Writer | Director | Producer

Joan Carlson – Executive Producer

Monica R. Cooper – Producer | Casting Director

Starring: Glenn Plummer , Parker McKenna Posey, Marcus Paulk. Marie-Françoise Theodore, Cristian Fagins and James Black