1st Saturdays.com represents the 1st Saturday of every month as the official monthly volunteer/recruitment day at school sites. 1stSaturdays is the ‘do now’ strategy to advance a community towards #Familyhood.

#Familyhood is a “community development strategy that utilizes the location of schools and their inter-generational population as the center for development. ##Familyhood is driven by two main motto’s: 1) The Friends of school motto: which states: “every school shall have a student government association, a Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.” Since many schools do no have these three basic school based organizations, The Friends of School motto utilizes 1st Saturdays to recruit new members to these organizations and to share updates. #Familyhood promotes these three main organizations to collaborate. This collaboration is called #Familyhood. The second motto: 2) is called The Mo’ Better Food motto: which states, ” every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.” 1st Saturdays promotes #Familyhood to come together every month to promote their schools garden, farmers market and future grocery store.
1stSaturdays also welcomes information booths from local businesses/organizations to share resources/opportunities to #Familyhood.

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Currently, we are promoting 1st Saturdays as a global initiative to promote sustainable communities from the children up.
1st Saturdays is the monthly “do now” strategy to advance communities towards #Familyhood.

Imagine, schools all over the world coming together one day a month -every 1st Saturday of the month to revisit where they last left off in increasing sustainability from within the community!

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1st Saturdays promotes volunteers to run their school garden, farmers market and future grocery store.

1st Saturdays also promotes schools to recruit members to its three main school based organizations (Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni) and these three main organizations to collaborate.