Oakland, California is the heart, soul and body of the Bay Area. Within Oakland, the heart beats and spreads throughout the Bay Area to the world around.
Filmmakers such as Bruce Lee, Tom Honks, Clint Eastwood have strong roots in Oakland. Athletes such as legend Bill Russell, NBA – Star Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Paul Silas, NFL All Star running back Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, recording artist MC Hammer, The Pointer Sisters, Tony Tone Toni and too many to name were raised in the streets of Oakland.
Why is Oakland the heart one may ask? Because if you know the story of “The Wizard of Oz,” the heart is what the Lion lacked. Although, he had a physical heart, he lacked courage. In the world of sports, no other city in the United States possesses two teams that signify courage. Oakland is the home of the NBA, World Champion Golden State Warriors and The Oakland Raiders.
This heart of Oakland seeks justice for all and will fight for it. Oakland, Ca is known as the home of The Black Panther Party founded in October of 1966.
Some fifty years later, Oakland, CA is becoming the place of choice for homeowners, small and large companies to call their home. Unfortunately, Oakland is finding great difficulty in providing affordable housing for many who have lived in Oakland for years.
Why is Oakland the body one may ask?
Oakland is one of, if not, the most diverse city in the United States. Oakland also stands just 5 minutes from the University of California and 40 minutes from Stanford University driving. Both of these institutions and their Alumni are known for influencing communities around the world including right here in the Bay Area. The area known as the center of the world’s technology, Silicon Valley is just 30 minutes from Oakland. Why the body? Because the body follows the mind. Oakland /the Bay Area is the home of such companies: Pandora, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Intel, PayPal and too many to name here. Many residents of Oakland commute from home to work with these companies and others in the tech industry.