Founders Note

Point guard.
Lead off man.
All time quarterback.

I played the above positions frequently growing up. I considered myself an athlete until college. Growing up with comic book hero’s and later cartoons I believe impacted me and many within my generation to stand for justice, to uplift the underdog, etc. “Master King Fu” and “Luke Cage”, were two of my favorite comic book hero’s that fought for the underdog I recall reading back in those days.

I was born in San Francisco and later moved to Foster City and grew up there until attending college at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. A few years after graduating from Morehouse College, I moved to Oakland and have been living in Oakland, CA for more than 20 years. The first film that I produced, “Sydney Byrd, Private” was shot in San Francisco and Oakland.

During the pursuit of acquiring distribution for our film, we submitted our film to Sundance and a few other major festivals and attended the American Film Market yearly. We also, four-walled a few theaters in the Bay Area and Los Angeles for special audiences. We begin adding short films by other filmmakers apart of our crew to our screenings.

A few years later, The Oakland Film Society was founded. We grew to become one of the locations for “The Film Life’s” “Black Cinema Cafe.” A few years later, 2002, The Oakland International Film Festival was launched at the Grand Lake Theater.

Starting April 4-8th, 2017, we will present The 15th Oakland International Film Festival. 15 is a special number for us! Over the past 14 years, we have hosted special events and screenings at various venues throughout the East Bay. This year, we will connect more dots utilizing independent films to weave stories to better understand the human experience.

This foundation begins with our new OIFF site. Become a Sponsor and your company can be seen through the marketing efforts of The 15th Oakland International Film Festival (name/logo can be seen on T.V. Bus Shelters, Posters, Flyers). We recommend joining us now to maximize your exposure.

In addition to The Oakland International Film Festival, we are planning special events through out the year. If you would like to attend these event, join our email list for the latest upcoming events.

To make year 15 special, we have a crowd funding to cover some basic festival expenses and a feasibility study of the economic impact The Oakland International Film Festival could have for Oakland and its Bay Area community. We believe with adequate staffing and marketing budget The Oakland International Film Festival can generate millions of dollars to the East Bay community from tourism, while promoting independent filmmaking in the City of Oakland.

We thank you in advance for your consideration!

David N. Roach
Co-Founder/ Director