Director: Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh is an Indian filmmaker and screenwriter. He is often identified with the revolutionary new wave of Indian cinema. Starting out as a documentary filmmaker in New Delhi, he subsequently began to explore narrative structures in story telling. Focusing as a director and cinematographer, Agneya has worked on a multitude of subjects in both documentary and narrative film. These works provide radical commentaries on various aspects of Indian society and polity. His short films and videos have been screened at several film festivals and media showcases. A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, Agneya has only recently directed his first feature film entitled M CREAM. Shot on location in India.

Director’s Statement

M CREAM is an ode to the spirit of revolution! The film chronicles the lives of four university students who embark on a road trip in pursuit of a mythical form of hash. The subsequent journey serves to explore the contemporary notion of rebellion and paints a compelling portrait of a new generation in India. It is a socio-political commentary on the issues of the day as seen through the eyes of young India. Across the nation, young people are speaking out and taking cognizance of the imminent doom that clouds our collective future. It is no surprise that the resurgent radicalization of populations and peoples across the world is ever more pronounced in India. In a country that is riddled with paradoxes and paranoia, it is the new generation that is forming the vanguard of rebellion. I am proud to say that I am a part of this generation of revolutionaries and mavericks. I am proud that M CREAM is possibly the first film of its kind that attempts to explore the anger, confusion, defiance and madness of my generation. Narrated in a language that is both familiar and poetic, the film takes a subtle approach as it probes into the contentious aspects of Indian society and polity. It is a film that reflects the turbulence of our times and reaffirms my faith that film can act as a weapon of the revolution and as a tool to change the world.