Made In The East Bay

Dear The East Bay!

On behalf of the Oakland Film Society, I would like to share an overview of this years 13th Oakland International Film Festival “Made In The East Bay Campaign” and request your support by becoming a sponsor. The 13th Oakland International Film Festival’s “Made In The East Bay” campaign will run April 2nd-5th, 2015 at various venues in the East Bay..

In addition to hosting film screenings and special events in these cities, “Destination East Bay” has a strategy of improving the destination many of us call our home through three main campaigns.

The first campaign, 1st Saturdays, is geared to increase volunteerism in our schools by promoting a monthly volunteer day that promotes every school’s student government association, parent teacher association and alumni to collaborate.  1stSaturdays promotes each school to  manage their school’s garden and farmers market , while establishing the type of governance that promotes healthy schools as the nucleus of developing healthy, sustainable, communities..

The second campaign, “Made In the East Bay” promotes films made by East Bay filmmakers through the 13th Oakland International Film Festival along with other products “Made in the East Bay.”

Why focus on products “Made in the East Bay.” one may ask?  Although,  the market for independent films and appreciation for them, has increased over the years, often times, the economic value filmmakers and other artist bring to an economy are overlooked.  With  the internet becoming the main platform for films, music, and other products to reach markets, “Made In The East Bay”, seeks to compliment the films “Made In the East Bay” with other products “Made in the East Bay.”

Our third campaign is The “Made In Berkeley” in campaign

Our intent today is to reach out and gain the support of each city, school district, local manufacturers, business merchants, venues, community leaders, etc to assist us in our efforts of implementing the “Destination East Bay” Campaign.  As I mentioned above, “Destination East Bay “ utilizes the 13th Oakland International Film Festival as a vehicle to connect filmmakers to the other products “Made in the East Bay,” while promoting volunteerism once a month through the 1st Saturdays program year around. The sponsorship package attached outlines some of the marketing benefits your company receives from  becoming a sponsor in addition to supporting such a worthy cause.

We thank you  in advance,

Kind regards,

David N. Roach

Founder/ Director /