Originally from Oakland, California, Robbin Rae, is a recent graduate of NYU, Tisch School of the Arts. As a teacher at McClymond’s High School, Ms. Rae developed McClymond’s first digital media arts program, SMART Academy, to train and motivate Oakland’s youth. During her eight years of teaching, Robbin was constantly reminded of her inherent desire to make movies. In 2010, Robbin enrolled in the MFA Film program at New York University, Tisch Asia and moved to Singapore to further develop her technique and deepen her artistic talents. Three years later, Robbin returned to Oakland with the inspiration, business knowledge, and production expertise necessary to carryout her cinematic aspirations. Currently, she is circling the film festival market with her short film Oakland in Blue. She is a finalist of the 2015 Fusion Film Festival for her web-series pilot, EXPECTING. It is Robbin Rae’s intent to make films that better our communities by inspiring change.