Director Statement

In the continuous war between Israel and Palestine, The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) invented a practice to make air strikes more efficient. Before bombing a civilian area, they call the inhabitants of the house, and inform them that their home is going to be bombed in less than 10 minutes. They call it Roof Knocking.

How do people feel after receiving such a call? What would they take? Who would they tell? And most importantly, how is life like when you know you could lose it all any day? What Palestinians go through is hardly news to anyone, and it is always hard for us to see it separated from politics and religion. I think it is because they are not separated at all. War lives in every child that is born under the shadows of planes, in every school that has empty seats, and
every stone that gets thrown.
Every house is a mirror to what is happening outside. But beneath all of this, family still meansfamily, and houses, although dematerializing one by one, stay homes.

“Roof Knocking” is an homage to all those who had the toughest job; who had to be somebody’s father, mother, son or daughter when the world is crumbling around them.