Sponsorship opportunities are available which enable your company to accomplish two main things: enjoy the promotion of your companies brand while supporting The 15th Oakland International Film Festival.

During the promotion of The 15th Oakland International Film Festival, we print program guides, posters, flyers that are circulated locally in the Bay Area.
We also utilize E-mail, our Web-Site and Social Media to publicize The Oakland International Film Festival locally, nationally and globally.
Each day of The Oakland International Film Festival consists of various events, screenings, panel discussions, workshops, networking parties, etc. These events vary in location, age groups and types of events.
We will also print official OIFF15 posters that will be circulated physically throughout Oakland and through Email as a PDF locally, nationally and globally. Opportunities exist for your company to be highlighted.
Your Logo/Name can also be featured on our Web-Site and link to your website.
During each of our events, a lot of pictures are taken and sent to various social media.
We have no idea how many people these pictures reach. We do know a lot of people will notice your companies logo on our official backdrop – Step and Repeat signage.

Commercial Image Design Group

Supreme Pictures

Block Report Radio

Geoffrey's Inner Circle

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for the 15th Oakland International Film Festival, fill-out the contact information below and someone will be in contact with you.
Thanks for your consideration!

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