Friday, July 15 at 6 PM – 10 PM

The Women’s Building
3543 18th St, San Francisco, California 94110

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TRT: 21 min.10sec


The Gumbo is the story of a young man on a mission to make things right after a series of bad choices leave him short on his promise to get his mother’s meat for her gumbo. The sense that Reggie is a major mama’s boy is there, but ultimately, this is a story about loyalty, love and fun that takes you on an adventure with three friends who are dealing with growing up and becoming young men.

The story takes off after Reggie is fired from his job at the meat market for giving meat away for free to three beautiful women: Jane, Kelly and Shaniqua. Reggie has a serious soft spot for beautiful women that he is finding does him no good. With a $50 severance check and a ride from his boys Red and Big T, Reggie hits the streets to get the meat his mother is waiting for.

As the story unfolds, Reggie learns a lesson about women and doing things the right way. He isn’t able to get the meat from any of his so-called girlfriends or a hustler on the street. The simple approach of coming clean to his father and soliciting his dad’s support is the solution he needed. Mom is grateful for the meat and the story closes with a surprise comedic twist; mom’s pot is going down faster than ever and folks can’t seem to get enough. Reggie, knowing his weed was tucked away in his mom’s spice pantry, has an idea as to why and although the story closes, the day’s adventures aren’t over yet