Why #Digitallivesmatter?

A Review of #Digitallivesmatter
By David N. Roach

Why #Digitallivesmatter?
By David N. Roach

The Protagonist, DC Young FLY, is told by his father that he has “x” number of days to get a job / get out of the house. DC YOUNG FLY explains to his father an audition coming up that’s going to be his break threw into Hollywood. He is going to become the next “Denzel”. He explains that since he has all these followers in social media, the network will want him. However, when he wakes up in the morning, he realizes his 3 million followers somehow have disappeared to become zero followers. #Digitalivesmatter takes us on a journey of how he attempts to get his followers back before this big audition.

To discover who is behind his followers disappearing, The Protagonist, played by DC FLY YOUNG visits often, a friend of his, who operates a tech support/invention operation out of his garage. Co-star, played by Emmanuel Hudson, attempts to use his coding skills to track down the hacker. Along the Protagonist journey we witness different types of relationships he has had and continues to have with women because of his social media celebrity status. However, he discovers love along the way from a women, co-star, played by Ernestine Johnson to direct his status in the more positive direction.

Why #Digitallivesmatter?

The typical solution given in regards to the “digital divide” (African – Americans in the tech industries – being around 2% employed today) is increasing the percentage of African – American’s in coding / training to qualify for jobs at tech companies. During the #digitalivesmatter journey, we witness African -American entrepreneurs utilizing technology to create their own companies. For example, DC FLY YOUNG’s, Co-star techie friend, Emmanuel Hudson, shares with DC, how close he is in completing an App that will enable someone to know how many calories they have lost when they twerk.

Why #Digitallivesmatter?
The Oakland Film Society presented with Holy Names University a question/answer session featuring Director, Terri J. Vaughn and co-stars, Emmanuel Hudson and Ernestine Johnson. During the session, Terri shared how the film was made with the intent of being downloaded digitally from their website digitallivesmatter.com and how both DC FLY Young and Emmanuel Hudson are both YouTube stars in the real world. Emmanuel Hudson shared how he and his brothers came up with video skits that have gone viral to build his own career. Ernestine Johnson shared her journey in film from a young age and utilizing poetry to spread her voice.

Why #Digitallivesmatter?
The Oakland Film Society presented with Temescal Street Flicks a film screening of #DigitalLivesmatter in the Temescal district on 47th/Telegraph at a place called Kasper Center. The Kasper center is an abandoned Kasper Hot Dog place which has a fairly large patio area that was converted into seating. #Digitallivesmatter was projected on a pop-up screen across the street from the Kasper Center. On the streets, food trucks were parked to feed those in attendance and passer bys.
After the film screening, co-producer Rikki Hughes joined Terri, Emmanuel and Ernestine to address the question/ answer session. One of the attendees shared how “he was proud of Terri…how they grew up together in Hunter’s Point, San Francisco, and how she has continued to inspire so many…”

The next morning, #Digitallivesmatter, Terri, Emmanuel and Ernestine were guest on KBLX. The radio hosts excitedly, welcomed her back to San Francisco this time as a director/ producer.
Why #Digitallivesmatter? Because, #digitallivesmatter utilizes comedy to reiterate that every follower is a person, that matters.#digitallivesmatter demonstrates that we can utilize technology/digital to not only tell our stories, but to also market and distribute them.

#Digitallivesmatter is rated R. It’s not short on profanity. But still in a comedic way.

Look at for it!



To learn more about #Digitallivesmatter visit: digitallivesmatter.com

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Written by
David N. Roach
The Oakland Film Society
Presenting The 15th Oakland International Film Festival – April 4-8th, 2017